Clearing up Lifford Lane rumours

There has been a number of rumours circulating that relate to the proposed redevelopment of the Lifford Lane waste depot. Councillor Majid Mahmood, Cabinet Member for Environment at Birmingham City Council has provided an update to clarify some of this information.

“The site has evolved over many decades from its initial use as a waste disposal site, being developed in a piecemeal way into the Household Recycling Centre it is today. We must be very clear – this is not just about improving parking as has been suggested by some who have made public comment on the plans.

“It is outdated and was never designed to serve the needs and requirements of people and the Council in the 21st century. This project will provide people with facilities better suited to their needs of the future as we want to improve our services wherever and whenever we can.

“If the plans are approved, work would not begin until 2024 at the earliest and we will of course work on mitigation plans in the meantime to ensure communities that use the site are kept informed about the project and what alternatives are in place to ensure they can continue to dispose of waste in a responsible way.

“The planning process is live and anyone with an interest will be able to have their say in the usual way, with the application ultimately judged on its merits against all relevant policies and planning legislation.”

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