Mobile Household Recycling Centre visits Lyndworth Rd

very colourful recycling van

The Mobile Household Recycling Centre will visit Lyndworth Road (just off Cartland Road) on Friday 14th April 2023, from 7am until 12 midday.

Refuse management staff from Lifford Lane tip will be on hand to help ensure your items go in the right bins.

CAN BE RECYCLED: Recycle any household rubbish that cannot be reused; standard recycling materials that usually go in your recycling; garden waste; bigger items like toys or small household items. Batteries, lightbulbs, small electronics etc can be recycled.

NOT ACCEPTED: Building materials, white goods (like fridges), hazardous materials and larger items will not be accepted.

No commercial waste can legally be accepted at any of the MHRC’s and any such material will be turned away. Vans are accepted at the MHRC’s subject to a 10 item limitation and a legal declaration that the waste presented is not commercial in nature. As with the Bulky Waste Collection service 2 black bags equals 1 item.

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