Update on the Bournville Eco Village plans

Over the last few days there has been reports about a planned ‘Bournville Eco Village’ on the site of the woodlands on Sparrey Drive and behind houses on Oxford Street.

Although this site is not in Stirchley ward, it boarders it and backs on to houses in the ward. So, it felt appropriate to inform Stirchley residents of additional information to clear up some confusion. Most of the information from the article has come from the developers’ website bournvilleecovillage.co.uk and as yet there have been no plans submitted to the council for approval, meaning that this is still very much in the pre-planning stages.

Ian MacLeod, director of planning, transport & sustainability for Birmingham City Council, wrote that he discussed these proposals with the developer in early February. He has also clarified “The site is of local importance to nature conservation and is also subject to a Tree Protection Order. Development on the site would not be supported.”

The article from the Daily Mail quotes the councillor for Stirchley, Councillor Mary Locke, but the woodlands are in fact in the Bournbrook & Selly Park ward.

A petition to save the Bournbrook Historic Woodlands has been set up by local residents who are concerned about the ecological and environmental impact of removing trees and disruption an eco community centre would have on residents, especially with an existing community centre a few meters away.

Since the national interest in the development, Bournville Eco Village’s website has a new notice that reads, in part; “We have not yet decided on the best way to move forward, as we are waiting on various assessments focused on the ecological impact on the woods. We hope you can see that we care about the environment from the people that we have chosen to work with on this project.” They have also said they intend to hold a public meeting to discuss their ideas with local residents in a few months’ time.