Trees along the River Rea, Stirchley

We have received a note from Councillor Mary Locke about upcoming works to some of trees along the River Rea route in Stirchley.

The next phase of River Rea improvement is due to start on Monday 14th March 2022. Work will take about two days.

Work will be coppicing and pollarding the mature crack willows, that are adjacent to the bridge from Hunts Road to Hazelwell Park. Willows are weak species and can fail as they reach maturity. They crack and fall into river as has happened near the footbridge and along cycle path and up to Dacer Close.  Through to Canon Hill Park. 

Coppicing will leave stump above ground level; the remaining stumps are left will regenerate shoots that provide a habitat for small animals and birds.

The aim of the scheme is to enhance the appearance safety of the River Rea corridor

The project will commence again in September/October 2022 after the bird nesting season

Photo by Elliott Brown, used under Creative Commons