May Forum meeting

This is the time in the month when Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum committee members and helpers are usually busy preparing for our monthly evening meeting (second Monday in the month 7.30pm at Stirchley Community Church). Of course, for the time being, this isn’t possible.

We’re aware that you haven’t heard from the Forum for a while. At the beginning of the crisis, after an early flurry of information about changes to services, contact details, etc which we wanted to convey to you, things settled down. We didn’t want to bore you with reiterating the same information.


After speaking with city planning officers we understand that the proposed gin bar in Maryvale Road will not be going ahead, although the licensing application was approved.

Bournbrook Hotel will be opening when they are permitted to do so.

Work on Morrisons new store has temporarily halted (manager has been on paternity leave and staff temporarily redeployed). The Forum has been in contact about the increasing level of graffiti which is appearing on the building.  We will let you know when we hear anything further from Morrisons.


Amended plans have been submitted for the application for 1386-1392 Pershore Road which has extended the date for comments to be made until around 22nd May. 

Based on previous applications in the area, the Forum has concerns about the size and mass of the building (in particular the height), the lack of parking (except for 2 spaces for disabled parking) and the apparent use of wood on the elevations when red brick is more in keeping with the locality.

Take a look for yourselves and let us know your thoughts.
Application number 2019/10502/PA by Stirchley Cooperative Development.

West Midlands Police Update

Recent reports from PCSO Blackford suggest that there have been a number of thefts (mainly from sheds and garages) and thefts of and damage to cars in the area.

Many of you will also know that the container in the car park at Stirchley Baths has been broken into and all items within it have been stolen, this includes: a number of bicycles, tools and equipment belonging to Friends of Stirchley Park; gazebos belonging to the Forum; and equipment relating to Halloween and Christmas events held in the park.


Councillor Mary Locke cannot hold surgeries in the usual way but is keen that residents of the ward know that she is available by email or telephone if you have any issues that need her help. She hopes that residents are keeping safe and well. or 07703372981

Future Meetings

It appears that it is going to be a while until we can hold our usual meetings (with social distancing in place of course). We are looking at how we might be able to hold ‘virtual’ meetings if residents would find them helpful.

We’d be interested to hear from you if you feel that Zoom meetings (or something similar) would be of interest to you.

Written on behalf of Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum Committee
by Sandra Cooper – Vice Chair and Planning Officer