Delays to Pineapple Road station reopening

An unfortunate series of events means the Pineapple Road train station reopening to passengers will likely be delayed until the end of 2024.

An unstable wall that borders a locally listed building at Pineapple Road has had to be rebuilt brick by brick. Meanwhile, a previously undocumented Victorian well at the Kings Heath site, linked to the historic Highbury Hall, has meant a redesign of the area. Over in Moseley, badgers, who are protected species, have been discovered on the grounds and can only be moved at certain times of the year.

Despite these challenges, much of the structural work to prepare the site has now been completed at Kings Heath and Pineapple Road and the platforms are taking shape. Whilst the stations may not reopen until later, Transport for West Midlands have are of the view that most of construction work will be finished early next year.

Neil Gaskin, programme director for Network Rail’s Central Route, said: “These stations unlock the railway to three vibrant communities in Birmingham, which will bring benefits and opportunities to thousands of people and businesses. They will be worth the wait and we will continue to work with our partners to support them opening as soon as possible.”

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