Cartland Road service road closure

Road closures are due to take place on Cartland Road’s service-road from the 20th July for four weeks.

Drainage construction and carriageway resurfacing on the affected roads will take place between 07:30 to 17:00. Kier, who are working on behalf of Birmingham City Council, ask that vehicles are not parked on the road within the works area during the road closure periods. The work is due to end on 11th August 2023.

Please be aware that due to deep excavation to construct a drainage system, vehicular access to the service road and driveways will be limited throughout this scheme.

Access on foot will always be maintained.

Kier understand that vehicle access may be essential for some medical and personal reasons. If you need to get a vehicle to your property during these works, please ask their personnel on site or call their public liaison officer Syed Shah on 07594 517206. Equally, vehicles obstructing works may be relocated to an adjacent, or nearby street by a recovery agent. Please contact Syed Shah if your vehicle has been removed.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please visit or call the customer service team on 0121 303 6644.

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  1. The lack of prior notice or alternative routes made the situation even more frustrating. I had to navigate through unfamiliar streets and encounter heavy traffic, which only added to my stress and frustration during the morning rush hour. Additionally, the closure affected local businesses along the service road, making it challenging for customers to access their establishments and potentially impacting their operations. I understand that road closures are sometimes necessary for maintenance or improvements, but it is crucial for local authorities to communicate these changes to the public in advance. Providing ample notice and offering alternative routes would have allowed commuters like myself to plan our journeys more effectively and avoid unnecessary delays. I hope that in the future, the local authorities will take into account the inconvenience caused by such closures and work towards minimizing disruptions to the community. Clear communication and thoughtful planning can go a long way in ensuring a smoother experience for all commuters and businesses affected by road closures like the one on Cartland Road service road.

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