Friends of Stirchley Library AGM

Friends of Stirchley Library (FoSL) will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 13th April.

The AGM will be held between 2pm-4pm in Stirchley Community Church, and the committee have said it is open to all. At the meeting, FoSL committee will update attendees on the work of Friends of Stirchley Library over the last year, as well as provide information on how people can get involved if they wish.

Afterwards there will be a discussion held on Birmingham City Council’s proposed cuts to library services. Attendees from FoSL, who attended tonight’s Stirchley Forum mentioned the consultation, which is seeking views of residents. They did caution that the consultation isn’t a quick process nor is it straight forward and they will be looking at how to assist users of Stirchley Library on how to fill it in. We will provide more information when we receive it.

For more information on the Friends of Stirchley Library AGM and the group in general, visit the Friends of Stirchley Library website here.

Meeting to discuss council cuts to the library

The recent announcement of council cuts affects a range of arts and culture organisations and freelance artists who rely on them.

Stirchley Art Room have been discussing options with other groups and individuals, such as Arts Forum Selly Oak (c/o Number 11 Arts) and Sarah Mullen (The Bookshop on the Green), with thoughts of forming a co-supportive consortium with strategies for funding bids made across groups, and where skills and resources can be shared. 

Culture Central have recently launched their #culturematters initiative with similar aims and to develop a Creatives Collective, whilst also being desirous of including smaller organisations and freelancers, which we think is vital.

The group would love to make contact with anyone interested in this, or who is formulating similar ideas in the current climate. As such, they have a meeting on Monday 11th March at 6pm at Stirchley Library, and would like to invite anyone interested to attend.

Food Bank Collection

Councillor Mary Locke is organising a collection for the B30 Food Bank on Saturday 12th August.

Volunteers will be collecting donations of food from Bournville Lane and Lea House, Mary Vale, Charlotte, Clonmel, Elm Tree and Ash Tree roads from 1pm. If you live on one of those streets but won’t be in / able to answer the door, it will be fine to leave things outside your door and the team will collect.

Please ensure nothing contains alcohol and that donations are not over-sized. As much as the Food Bank appreciated the donations, they will not open packets so cannot break items down into smaller sets. Please also ensure that you do not donate anything that requires specialist equipment or is fresh/needs using urgently.

There is a list of what items are urgent or in lower stock at the B30 Food Bank on this page. But for ease, this is what B30 Foodbank have said they need most:

  • Rice
  • pasta sauce
  • tinned or packet soup
  • baked means
  • tinned spaghetti
  • jam and honey
  • instant coffee (not large jars)
  • ready made custard
  • chocolate and snack bars
  • gender-neutral shower gel
  • liquid / bars of soap
  • shampoo

For more information on the B30 Food Bank, visit their website.

Next Ward Forum meeting for June

Councillor Locke has arranged her next Stirchley Ward meeting and it will be taking place on Tuesday 20th June 6.30pm at Stirchley Baths Community Hub, Bournville Lane B30 2JT.

You do not need to register to attend, just turn up to the meeting. However if you have any questions please contact Kay Thomas, Community Governance Manager, on

Please note these are NOT the Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum meeting; the next one of those takes place on Monday 12th June, 7.30pm at Stirchley Community Church, as normal.

Specialty Minerals meeting to update on noise assessments

Specialty Minerals will be hosting a community meeting at 2pm on Thursday 30th March 2023. This is an opportunity to update residents on the noise assessments that have taken place and any new measures being introduced. They are also happy to take any questions about the site and operations, with plant manager Paul Smiles will be in attendance.

In July 2022, a BS4142 noise survey was done following a series of previous assessments and due to reports by residents. This exercise took place over two nights on the evenings of the 12th – 14th July 2022, to the early hours, to capture the quietest times at the noise receptor sites. The plant was systematically shut off and restarted to determine the contributions of each element of the plant, to the noise emissions reported. The survey also including measurements in their homes in order better to understand how noise generated at the site on Lifford Lane propagates into the community.

More information has been reported in the Speciality Minerals November 2022 newsletter available here.

Specialty Minerals intend to host the meeting onsite, so due to room constraints and health and safety records, they will be limited on space and will need names of attendees in advance. Please contact Phil Briscoe at or on 07968 807377 to confirm your attendance, if you have any queries, or if you would like attend on different date.