Reimagining Transport in the West Midlands

Transport for West Midlands are updating their Local Transport Plan and want to hear the views of Stirchley residents.

The Local Transport Plan is a document that sets out how they are reimagining transport in the West Midlands. The plan includes a core strategy that sets out the aims, vision and overarching approach to build a transport system that will help everyone thrive in a 45 minute region of 15 minute neighbourhoods.

From this, Transport for West Midlands have created six Big Moves with each move laying out key principles, policies and in some cases the specific interventions that will help achieve goals under a key area of action.

Transport for West Midlands want to make sure that their plans work for Birmingham residents. so they will be running a public consultation until 17 April 2023. 

To let TfWM know your thoughts on the six Big Moves and for more information, please visit

2 Replies to “Reimagining Transport in the West Midlands

  1. The plan makes out that vehicle ownership should be restricted. Car drivers are the ogres. As an older resident, I would rather have pavements without cycles, and scooters. I don’t want to cycle or can I walk very far. So how about a less biased plan.? We want public transport with easy access and more frequent services. . As for consulting with the population of Birmingham very unlikely the majority have heard of it. Leaving it to the green car-hating public to misguide the transport authority. Roads for vehicles who pay tax. Pavements for pedestrians .

    • Thank you for your comment. As the Forum website we are trying to do our part in ensuring Stirchley residents can hear about and comment on the consultation.

      But for your information: Road tax was abolished in 1937 and replaced by Vehicle Excise Duty. Maintenance for roads costs coming from general taxation, which everyone pays regardless of their mode of transport use. Highways England are responsible for operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads; and local authorities responsible for roads in their areas.

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