Minutes and meeting update

Photo by Todoran Bogdan, used under Creative Commons

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting last week. There was a lively discussion about the draft Ward Plan and great to hear from a number of residents who attended the police tasking meeting in Cotteridge to raise concerns of Stirchley residents.

The minutes for March’s Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum are available here.

As you will notice from the minutes, there is a change to the next meeting. Usually the Forum is held on the second Monday of the month, but April has Easter Monday and May is filled with Bank Holiday Mondays due to May Day and the additional holiday for the Coronation. It has been decided to skip the April meeting but have one in May, but on a slightly different day. Therefore, the next meeting will be Monday 15th May, 7.30pm at Stirchley Community Church

Police update about Bond St break in

We now have some information from Bournville Police about the incident on Bond Street referred to in the Forum meeting.

‘We do know about the terrible incident and can appreciate how the incident would have made the victim feel – along with the neighbours. To keep you informed, four males have attended a property on Bond Street and proceeded to force the door open by kicking it and taking running jumps at it. On the door flinging open, the males all run away without entering. The theory behind that is it became clear to the offenders that they had the wrong address. The offenders can be seen with items in their hands whilst kicking the door. It is possible that the offenders were looking for something like a cannabis set up. 

We have done some work in the area and have not been able to locate a cannabis set up – but would ask the community to be vigilant and report any unusual comings and goings from properties – or the smell of cannabis from properties. We can then complete further work to ascertain the likelihood of a set up and deal with that.
The other possible option would be that they were present to steal high powered motor vehicles – however at the time (and since) there has not been any parked at that location – I would ask that members of the public ensure they use extra measures to secure their vehicles such as a steering wheel lock.
Since the incident, we have had neighbourhood officers in the area and conducting reassurance visits. We would all like nothing more than to get these offenders in and are working hard to achieve that.
As you know, policing numbers are not what we would all like and we are having to do more with less. Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere – but where there are vulnerable members of the community we will support as a constituency. I cannot say that this won’t happen to other people in the area – but I can say that we are working our hardest to try to limit it.’

January update

Firstly, Happy New Year from the Forum Committee.

Our January meeting in on Monday 9th January at 7.30pm, Stirchley Community Church. Minutes of December meeting are on the Forum website. Last year’s Annual Report is also on the website .

Following the Agenda (below) there is an update from Cllr Locke who unfortunately cannot attend the meeting.


for Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum meeting on Monday 9th January at Stirchley Community Church, Hazelwell Street, Stirchley

  • Apologies
  • Minutes of meeting 12th December 2022
  • Matters Arising
  • Police Update
  • Planning issues
  • Networking
  • Any other business

Next Forum meeting: Monday 13th February 2023

Update from Councillor Mary Locke

May I firstly wish all a very happy new year

My apologies for not being able to attend the January Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum. As I have another meeting which clashes.

Work is currently ongoing on Fordhouse Lane, by Severn Trent with pipe renewal. Temporary lights will be used along the road.

Also on Fordhouse Lane the land at rear of former Firework shop  The land near bus stop  has been sold. As yet no details re what will happen. The land has been cleared, and tarmacked and a metal cabin installed. Rumours say a Car lot.  Planning have not received any notice. Residents living on Pershore Road are rightly concerned as they need access.

There will be a foodbank collection in part of Stirchley on Saturday 28th January. At about 11 am.   Leaflets will be put out around the roads collecting from  Leahouse Road, Bournville Lane, Bond Street, Regent Street, and Oxford Street. 10 days before. 

The Mobile Household Recycling Centre will be on Beilby Road on Tuesday 31st January 7am until 12 noon. Leafleting will be done 7-10 days prior and also on social media.

Next Police Tasking meeting will be Saturday 28th January at Cotteridge Church 2pm.  All are welcome to attend. I am sorry to hear that Sergeant Howell is leaving this job and taking on another job within the force. I thank him for all his work and wish him well in his new career.

A drop in session is being held re Camp Hill Line in Stirchley on 1st February at Stirchley Baths 5-7 pm.

A week later on 8th February I am holding a Teams/zoom meeting if you would like to attend please email myself or Kay Thomas  kay.thomas@birmingham.gov.uk for invite and link.  On the agenda a short update on Camp Hill Line,  A briefing on retrofitting houses and also Ward Action Plan

As mentioned in Decembers forum work is planned for a jobs fair in March  details are being worked on and will be announced in due course.

If there are any queries or issues please contact office on 0121 303 2039 or email me mary.locke@birmingham.gov.uk or pass to Sandra and Rob who will contact me and I will be in touch.

Bournville Police community meetings Jan – June 2023

As has been mentioned in several Stirchley Forum meetings now, due to time restraints West Midlands Police are unable to send an officer to attend the monthly Stirchley Forum neighbourhood meetings.

Instead, Bournville Police, who cover Stirchley Ward, have a series of meetings in the community where residents are able to meet their local neighbourhood team and talk about any police issues they may have.

The meeting for the first half of the year are as follows;

  • Saturday 28th January 2pm at Cotteridge Church
  • Wednesday 8th February 7pm at Dame Elizabeth Hall, Bournville
  • Saturday 4th March 2pm at Cotteridge Church
  • Wednesday 12th April 7pm at Dame Elizabeth Hall, Bournville
  • To be confirmed – Saturday 6th May at Cotteridge Church
  • Wednesday 14th June 7pm at Dame Elizabeth Hall, Bournville

These meetings are not arranged by Stirchley Forum. For more information or to check for updates, we recommend following Bournville Police on https://twitter.com/bournvillewmp